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Decking Solutions for Restaurants, Hotels, etc in Augusta

Commercial Decking Solutions in Augusta for Restaurants, Hotels, Offices

So, you are an owner in Augusta, GA getting ready for some spring and summer fun in the backyard. They brought the grill, everything is tidy and ready to produce your secret homemade barbecue recipe for friends and family. They dust the cobwebs and autumn leaves of the garden furniture, and yet it doesn’t seem right.

If you look around you think, “Patio furniture could withstand pressure washing, but our deck looks awful.” Your deck has turned an ugly gray color, the stain is faded or peeling in some areas, peeling and peeling. Upon further examination, you realize that your deck is not only dirty and gray but also has some grease stains from last year and even mold on it begins to grow. You realize that just cooking with friends and family on this deck will not be fun. Mold, dirt and gray wood are simply not conducive to a pleasant garden barbecue environment. Not to mention that they are not exactly healthy or like to look at them. So, what are you doing?

You Have Several Options

First, you can simply wash the deck under pressure, being very careful when working at very low pressure. However, grease, mold, and dirt are not always washed without proper cleaning agents. Of course, using the right cleaning agents requires special skills as bleaches can soften lignin. This is the glue that helps unite the wood fibers. Over time, bleach cleaning can accelerate the degradation and aging of the wood surface.

You can also remove all old surfaces, clean the wood, remove the molds and applying new stains. But how do you clean them? What do you use to get rid of the old stain on your deck? What are you doing to get rid of mold? Can you guarantee a good result? When the old coating comes loose, do you want to apply the same material and release it again?

Which surfaces are available and which look best on your deck? If all these questions about coloring your commercial deck go through your head, it’s probably time to get in touch with a professional about your project. Sure, you can spend hours and hours of your free time doing everything yourself, but it will take hours and hours to look for deck cleaning products, deck stains, various types of stains, deck cleaning chemicals, and so on. So you need to look at the right application, plant protection and landscaping, your home and other areas where you do not want to introduce chemicals. Not to mention you want to protect yourself properly, as deodorizing chemicals can be dangerous if inhaled, ingested or on your skin.

Should You DIY?

You can easily seek advice from various home centers, and staff can help you through much of the debris cleaning and stain removal process, but one of the problems with home improvement centers is that employees are often paid low wages and have minimal knowledge of application and field practices. Different home improvement businesses may require different training or experience, but why wouldn’t you come to us for help. We know a lot about your specific type of project.

Another problem with DIY is that deck cleaning and finishing products sold by home centers are tailored to DIY projects. They are not professional quality products and generally lack the ability to clean hard objects or remove stubborn and defective coatings. In addition, there is the cost of renting a washing machine or buying a washing machine to work from home, which can be extremely expensive. As with cleaning decks and chemicals or staining decks, high-pressure owners lack the performance or reliability of commercial equipment. You can buy a cheap machine for a few times for just $ 200, but that’s just a cheap machine. Even with proper maintenance, these types of machines are not designed for large projects or continuous use and wear prematurely compared to commercially available equipment. All of this can be a lot of work, and many homeowners have a problem with that because their only time to invest is on weekends or in their free time. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time with loved ones?

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